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Qube launches new Customer Portal

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012
Qube is pleased to announce that we have successfully launched a new Customer Portal which replaces the existing Support Portal.

The new Customer Portal provides improved and additional functionality, and is designed to give Qube’s customers more control and information about their services.
The new Portal is designed with our Customer in mind, offers various improved features that are useful to customers and will save them time.

We welcome any feedback from our customers and suggestions to help us improve the services and information available to them via the portal.


Click here to see a list of Customer Portal features
Qube Customer Portal Screenshot

Have you heard about VMware vCloud Connector?

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Since launching our vCloud Powered® Qube Virtual Data Centre, we have successfully migrated several existing VMware environments for our customers onto the vCloud platform. The vCloud Director web interface provides great flexibility for customers to securely build & manage high-performance cloud environments and really unlocks the self-service aspect of Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

What if you have an in-house vSphere environment, a hosted private cloud or you make use of multiple vCloud providers? How can you manage all of your cloud environments and resources using the same interface?

The answer is VMware vCloud Connector. This great tool allows you to view and manage your cloud environments from a “single pane” and seamlessly spans your private vSphere and vCloud Director environments. vCloud Connector is a plugin for the VMware vSphere Client that connects to your remote vCloud environments and consolidates all of your cloud resources in one management interface.

vCloud Connector allows you to easily choose where to run your workloads, for example you could run development & QA environments on your private or in-house cloud and run your production environments on one or more of Qube’s vCloud Powered hosting platforms.

The tool allows cloud users to easily and reliably migrate Virtual Machines, vApps, and cloud server templates from a private vSphere environment to a public vCloud, and back again, freeing up your on-premise data centre resources.

Click here for a video demonstration of vCloud Connector:

Qube launches vCloud Powered® Virtual Data Centre services

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Qube has officially launched our “Virtual Data Centre” cloud hosting service.

vCloud Powered® Virtual Data Centre services are now available in Qube’s key data centre locations in the UK (London), USA (New York) and Switzerland (Zurich).

vCloud Director is an innovative platform that interfaces with VMware vSphere to abstract management and provisioning tasks in the VMware cloud environment, commonly referred to as “cloud orchestration”, allowing Qube customers to perform these tasks themselves using a secure web portal.

When customers sign join the Virtual Data Centre service, Qube assigns a pool of cloud resources; an allocation of CPU computing capacity (the number of vCPU’s/cores per cloud server is also configurable), vRAM (Virtual RAM), Disk Storage (GB blocks of virtual disk space), IP address pools and VLAN pools – known collectively as an “Organization Virtual Data Center”. These resources are then available to Virtual Data Centre users and can be provisioned in any combination to provide right-sized virtual server instances and appliances. Over time the available resources can be optimized, expanded or reduced with just a few clicks in the vCloud Director portal.

All vCloud Powered® service providers must comply with several requirements set out by VMware. The standards ensure that users have a uniform experience across any cloud that is certified as vCloud Powered®.

The requirements for a vCloud Powered® service provider are as follows:

1. A cloud based on VMware vSphere and vCloud Director
2. An open publicly accessible API
3. Full support for the Open Virtualization Format (OVF)

An open application programming interface (API) is an important feature for any cloud service as users may need to interact with their Virtual Data Centre environment in an automated way (scripts and applications). For many clients the web portal is sufficient, however the vCloud API allows provisioning and management of cloud resources using a secure standards compliant RESTful API.

Open Virtualization Format (OVF) is an open standard for packaging and distributing virtual servers and appliances. vCloud Director provides users with the ability to create and master their own virtual machine images, perhaps on an in-house VMware environment or test platform and then upload those same images to Qube’s Virtual Data Centre for production use. Additionally, it is also possible for a client to download a virtual machine image, whether this is for customization purposes, backup or simply to move it to a different region, or even another provider. Virtual machine templates and cloud server cloning can save system administrators a huge amount of time and ensure consistency in server builds.

We are excited about the vCloud service because it ultimately puts control in the hands of our clients. For those organizations that don’t need a fully self-provisioned infrastructure, Qube offers managed hosting services on the vCloud platform. Qube will manage and monitor all, or certain parts of your environment. This is particularly useful for clients with multiple hosting environments.

For example, an organization needs their critical production servers fully managed and monitored 24/7, however, the development and user acceptance testing (UAT) servers are not as critical as the production servers and customers are comfortable managing these servers themselves. Using this split approach; our clients are able to achieve cost savings without having to compromise on availability or scalability of the service.

Qube Virtual Data Center clients get the best of both worlds – all of their servers are hosted on a highly resilient cloud platform in one (or more) of Qube’s US or European data centres and they have the flexibility to choose which parts of their cloud infrastructure are managed and cared for by Qube’s expert hosting engineers.

Please contact Qube Sales today to trial the new Qube Virtual Data Center service, free of charge for 7 days (no obligation)

UK Sales: +44 (0) 20 7150 3800

US Sales: (877) 915-QUBE

Swiss Sales: +41 44 500 01 60


Upgrades to US cloud hosting platform at 111 8th Avenue in New York

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Qube has just completed upgrades to install additional compute and storage capacity on our US cloud hosting platform, hosted at 111 8th Avenue in New York.

The new blade server platform enables Qube and our clients to easily and quickly scale up resources on our US VMware cloud. New dual-socket blade servers use Intel Xeon E5649 Hexacore CPU’s with 192GB of RAM in each blade and run the latest VMware ESXi Version 5.

We are seeing an increasing demand for Qube’s enterprise grade Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution as companies make the inevitable move from colocation or managed dedicated servers to a fully virtualized infrastructure.

Recently we have worked with a number of our managed hosting and colocation clients to help them plan and migrate their colocated physical servers and network devices onto the Qube VMware cloud. Typically this involves a consultation with our VMware engineers to examine the existing environment and required resources. A plan is then developed for the migration from physical servers, firewalls and switches to cloud servers and virtual firewall appliances.

Using Qube’s vCloud Powered service, our Virtual Data Center clients are now able to purchase an allocation of resources (vCPU, vRAM and Storage) and then self-provision their environment on the US cloud platform. The Virtual Data Center is managed via a secure portal or through the vCloud Director API. Clients can import and export their own virtual machine images, ISO’s and templates through the SSL encrypted portal, ensuring they are not locked in and can retrieve their servers and data at any time. Qube also offers managed services on the platform, so those clients who do not have in-house technical staff can have their servers and network managed and monitored by Qube.

As part of our New York infrastructure upgrade, we also migrated to a new SAN storage system. The new IP-based storage system uses RAID10 combined with advanced SSD caching and the ZFS file system for increased performance and data security.

Email or give us a call if you would like a free 7 day cloud server trial on Qube’s US East Coast cloud platform.

Qube upgrades and expands Zurich Managed Hosting Platform

Friday, February 10th, 2012

As part of Qube’s recent data center migration to the new e-shelter facility in Zurich, Qube has upgraded storage and installed additional compute capacity on our VMware cloud hosting platform in Zurich.

The new blade server platform enables us to quickly and easily scale up the VMware cloud hosting platform as demand increases for our Qube Virtual Data Center and managed hosting services in Switzerland. With the recent product launch of Qube’s vCloud Powered infrastructure as a service offering, Qube Virtual Data Center (official VMware press release to follow) – we are now able to offer clients fully self-provisioned cloud services in Switzerland via a secure portal.

Qube’s Swiss Virtual Data Center offering allows clients to purchase the required amount of cloud resources (compute, RAM and disk storage) on the platform. Clients can then choose how they would like to allocate and provision those resources. Your Qube Virtual Data Center can be managed through a secure portal or via the API and allows clients to import and export their own templates, ISO’s images and virtual machine disks.

Qube’s upgraded Zurich cloud hosting platform uses powerful Intel Xeon E5649 Hexa-core CPU’s in dual-socket blades, each with 192GB of RAM and are now running the latest ESXi Version 5.

The new blade system also enables advanced hardware health monitoring, 4 x redundant power supply modules, N+1 networking & cooling – all ensuring that your cloud servers are performing and available 24/7.

London Marathon for Just Giving

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Qube delivers another successful London Marathon for Just Giving! Looks like another record!!