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Have you heard about VMware vCloud Connector?

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Since launching our vCloud Powered® Qube Virtual Data Centre, we have successfully migrated several existing VMware environments for our customers onto the vCloud platform. The vCloud Director web interface provides great flexibility for customers to securely build & manage high-performance cloud environments and really unlocks the self-service aspect of Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

What if you have an in-house vSphere environment, a hosted private cloud or you make use of multiple vCloud providers? How can you manage all of your cloud environments and resources using the same interface?

The answer is VMware vCloud Connector. This great tool allows you to view and manage your cloud environments from a “single pane” and seamlessly spans your private vSphere and vCloud Director environments. vCloud Connector is a plugin for the VMware vSphere Client that connects to your remote vCloud environments and consolidates all of your cloud resources in one management interface.

vCloud Connector allows you to easily choose where to run your workloads, for example you could run development & QA environments on your private or in-house cloud and run your production environments on one or more of Qube’s vCloud Powered hosting platforms.

The tool allows cloud users to easily and reliably migrate Virtual Machines, vApps, and cloud server templates from a private vSphere environment to a public vCloud, and back again, freeing up your on-premise data centre resources.

Click here for a video demonstration of vCloud Connector: