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Qube Zurich data centre one of only two LEED Platinum Data Centers in Europe

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Qube’s new Zurich data centre facility, e-shelter Zurich, was recently mentioned in an article on the Data Center Knowledge website as being one of only 12 LEED Platinum Data Centers in the world at the present time. e-shelter Zurich is the only LEED Platinum certified data centre in Switzerland and one of only two data centres outside of the USA that are LEED Platinum certified (the other is located in Germany).

The Platinum rating is the highest level attainable under the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program, a voluntary rating system for energy efficient buildings, overseen by the US Green Building Council.

The new e-shelter Zurich data centre was designed from the outset to ensure innovative and efficient use of all resources. For example, all non-potable water at the facility is recycled, meaning when you flush a toilet in the facility, the water used is “grey water” collected from catchment areas on the roof of the building. The building also features a high temperature heat pump that enables generation of hot water for non-data centre purposes and allows the “waste heat” from servers to be piped into surrounding office buildings for heating during winter.

The facility also makes use of “free cooling”, a data center cooling technique that takes advantage of the cool Swiss winter climate to bring in filtered cold air from outside, cooling servers and IT equipment without the need to use power-hungry cooling plant for most of the year. Typically, cooling plant in data centres makes up a large percentage of the overall facility power consumed. During warmer summer months, normal forced cooling automatically takes over until the ambient outside air temperature reaches a level where free cooling becomes possible again overnight when the air temperature drops.

The data centre’s utility power is also certified by its power suppliers to be 100% generated by hydro-electric power stations. This means that customers using Qube’s Switzerland Cloud Hosting platform can be assured that they have a minimal impact on the environment with far lower CO2 emissions.

Read the full article Data Center Knowledge here:

Zurich Cloud Server platform & network upgrade

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Qube recently completed a full upgrade to our VMware cloud platform hosted in our Zurich data center.

The upgrade provides us with significantly increased compute, storage & RAM capacity in Europe on our VMware Cloud Server platform to deal with increasing demand. There has been a lot of interest in hosting at this site, especially from our customers in the Financial industry.

Switzerland offers several advantages as a location for hosting, particularly for those companies serving customers in Central & Eastern Europe. Central European location, strong privacy & data protection laws, political and financial stability and the highest per-capita IT expenditure in the world are all factors that make the country an attractive place to do business and invest.

As well as the upgrades to Qube’s VMware Cloud platform, we completed our connection to the Level(3) Communications IP Transit point-of-presence in Zurich. We are now using Level(3) as a primary transit provider across all of our data center locations. This also means that Qube can now offer high quality, low-latency Level(3) IP transit to our customers in Zurich.

Qube’s Zurich facility proving to be popular

Monday, June 28th, 2010

We have had a lot of interest recently in our Zurich hosting facility from clients needing a more central location on Europe as well as those wanting a Disaster Recovery (DR) site.

Switzerland in particular offers several unique advantages for both of these hosting requirements.
It is well known for it’s neutrality, political and economic stability, large financial services industry and lower tax rates than most other European countries.
It also offers a very high level of privacy, data protection and confidentiality. Zurich is very well connected, has many international links to the large European economies surrounding the country and the latency is only 20ms to London.

All of these factors really do make sense when you are considering a hosting location in Europe.

We are undertaking a project to upgrade the site this summer and will be leasing more space in this facility. As a result, we will be able to offer a full suite of services including Managed Cloud Servers in this sought after data centre location.