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Qube Zurich data centre one of only two LEED Platinum Data Centers in Europe

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Qube’s new Zurich data centre facility, e-shelter Zurich, was recently mentioned in an article on the Data Center Knowledge website as being one of only 12 LEED Platinum Data Centers in the world at the present time. e-shelter Zurich is the only LEED Platinum certified data centre in Switzerland and one of only two data centres outside of the USA that are LEED Platinum certified (the other is located in Germany).

The Platinum rating is the highest level attainable under the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program, a voluntary rating system for energy efficient buildings, overseen by the US Green Building Council.

The new e-shelter Zurich data centre was designed from the outset to ensure innovative and efficient use of all resources. For example, all non-potable water at the facility is recycled, meaning when you flush a toilet in the facility, the water used is “grey water” collected from catchment areas on the roof of the building. The building also features a high temperature heat pump that enables generation of hot water for non-data centre purposes and allows the “waste heat” from servers to be piped into surrounding office buildings for heating during winter.

The facility also makes use of “free cooling”, a data center cooling technique that takes advantage of the cool Swiss winter climate to bring in filtered cold air from outside, cooling servers and IT equipment without the need to use power-hungry cooling plant for most of the year. Typically, cooling plant in data centres makes up a large percentage of the overall facility power consumed. During warmer summer months, normal forced cooling automatically takes over until the ambient outside air temperature reaches a level where free cooling becomes possible again overnight when the air temperature drops.

The data centre’s utility power is also certified by its power suppliers to be 100% generated by hydro-electric power stations. This means that customers using Qube’s Switzerland Cloud Hosting platform can be assured that they have a minimal impact on the environment with far lower CO2 emissions.

Read the full article Data Center Knowledge here:

Upgrades to US cloud hosting platform at 111 8th Avenue in New York

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Qube has just completed upgrades to install additional compute and storage capacity on our US cloud hosting platform, hosted at 111 8th Avenue in New York.

The new blade server platform enables Qube and our clients to easily and quickly scale up resources on our US VMware cloud. New dual-socket blade servers use Intel Xeon E5649 Hexacore CPU’s with 192GB of RAM in each blade and run the latest VMware ESXi Version 5.

We are seeing an increasing demand for Qube’s enterprise grade Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution as companies make the inevitable move from colocation or managed dedicated servers to a fully virtualized infrastructure.

Recently we have worked with a number of our managed hosting and colocation clients to help them plan and migrate their colocated physical servers and network devices onto the Qube VMware cloud. Typically this involves a consultation with our VMware engineers to examine the existing environment and required resources. A plan is then developed for the migration from physical servers, firewalls and switches to cloud servers and virtual firewall appliances.

Using Qube’s vCloud Powered service, our Virtual Data Center clients are now able to purchase an allocation of resources (vCPU, vRAM and Storage) and then self-provision their environment on the US cloud platform. The Virtual Data Center is managed via a secure portal or through the vCloud Director API. Clients can import and export their own virtual machine images, ISO’s and templates through the SSL encrypted portal, ensuring they are not locked in and can retrieve their servers and data at any time. Qube also offers managed services on the platform, so those clients who do not have in-house technical staff can have their servers and network managed and monitored by Qube.

As part of our New York infrastructure upgrade, we also migrated to a new SAN storage system. The new IP-based storage system uses RAID10 combined with advanced SSD caching and the ZFS file system for increased performance and data security.

Email or give us a call if you would like a free 7 day cloud server trial on Qube’s US East Coast cloud platform.

Qube upgrades and expands Zurich Managed Hosting Platform

Friday, February 10th, 2012

As part of Qube’s recent data center migration to the new e-shelter facility in Zurich, Qube has upgraded storage and installed additional compute capacity on our VMware cloud hosting platform in Zurich.

The new blade server platform enables us to quickly and easily scale up the VMware cloud hosting platform as demand increases for our Qube Virtual Data Center and managed hosting services in Switzerland. With the recent product launch of Qube’s vCloud Powered infrastructure as a service offering, Qube Virtual Data Center (official VMware press release to follow) – we are now able to offer clients fully self-provisioned cloud services in Switzerland via a secure portal.

Qube’s Swiss Virtual Data Center offering allows clients to purchase the required amount of cloud resources (compute, RAM and disk storage) on the platform. Clients can then choose how they would like to allocate and provision those resources. Your Qube Virtual Data Center can be managed through a secure portal or via the API and allows clients to import and export their own templates, ISO’s images and virtual machine disks.

Qube’s upgraded Zurich cloud hosting platform uses powerful Intel Xeon E5649 Hexa-core CPU’s in dual-socket blades, each with 192GB of RAM and are now running the latest ESXi Version 5.

The new blade system also enables advanced hardware health monitoring, 4 x redundant power supply modules, N+1 networking & cooling – all ensuring that your cloud servers are performing and available 24/7.

Qube migrates Zurich hosting platform to a new data centre facility

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Qube is excited to announce the migration of our Zurich managed hosting platform to a new data center facility!

Previously we were located in the Layer One facility in Zurich. We have now migrated our Swiss hosting presence and virtual platform to e-shelter Zurich. The new e-shelter facility is located in Rümlang, close to Zurich Kloten Airport.

e-shelter plans, develops and operates high-availability data centers whose infrastructures provide the highest level of physical security and operational reliability. Headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, e-shelter operates in six locations: Frankfurt am Main (2), Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and recently opened in Zurich.

The new Zurich facility, opened in June 2011, offers the highest levels of physical security and operational reliability through state-of-the-art redundant systems and an integrated facility management infrastructure. With a gross floor area of 26 000 square meters, the e-shelter Zurich data center is the largest purpose-built data center in Switzerland.

The facility meets the highest environmental standards: It has received the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum pre-certification by the US Green Building Council. The facility is 100% supplied by green electricity generated from hydro-electric power stations.

The facility will provide Qube clients with additional advantages due to standards based certifications: ISO9001, ISO27001 (security) and certified compliance to the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) circular 2008/07.

Qube began offering managed hosting services in Zurich in 2009 and we have since successfully expanded our VMware based cloud platform in the region to service customers who require high performance, secure managed cloud servers and managed networks. Our client profile in Switzerland is primarily based in the finance sector (insurance, funds, trading companies and forex). Many of these clients require multi-site architectures spread across our cloud hosting platforms in Zurich, London or New York and securely linked by managed IP VPN services.

As the Swiss cloud platform has grown, we sought out a data center facility partner that will meet our increasing client demands for higher physical data security and availability. e-shelter is our chosen partner in Switzerland, enabling Qube to deliver guaranteed service levels and promises to clients.

Qube is also adding additional compute capacity to our Zurich VMware cloud, an update about this will follow.

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