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Qube listed as best performing cloud platform in Europe and the US!

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Qube recently joined a growing list of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers on the independent performance monitoring and cloud testing service called CloudSleuth.

The CloudSleuth service is operated by Compuware Corporation who are a technology performance company providing software, experts and best practices to ensure technology works well and delivers value.

CloudSleuth requires that any cloud service provider wishing to be monitored must run a virtual machine instance on their cloud. The cloud server instance contains a Java application running in Tomcat that simulates an online web store. Test nodes then connect to these applications periodically to simulate transactions and measure the response times from different points on the Internet.

The Gomez Performance Network (GPN) is used to run these test transactions on the deployed target applications and monitor the response time and availability from various points around the globe. Hundreds of data points from each successive test run are collected and aggregated into a cloud performance database. The Global Provider View enables users to visually interact with the data from the cloud performance database. The participant clouds are ranked and statistics about response times and availability are listed.

After running the service for a test period of only 7 days, we were pleasantly surprised when we saw the results. We were listed at Number 1 in both the US and European regions – with the lowest response times of all providers measured by the service!

We think this is a great (free) tool for cloud hosting buyers, developers and users when trying to evaluate providers. Every cloud provider will try to tell you they are the best and have excellent performance, but an independent measurement and monitoring service really allows you to make a more informed choice.

Click here to go to the CloudSleuth website

Qube completes VMware vSphere 5 upgrades

Friday, November 4th, 2011

Qube has completed scheduled upgrades across all three of our VMware clouds in London, New York & Zurich.

All of our VMware host servers are now running VMware ESXi 5.0, providing customers with a set of exciting new features and performance enhancements.

We think the most notable feature of the upgraded cloud OS is Storage DRS.
This feature allows the cloud to continuously monitor performance across it’s nodes and make real time adjustments to balance out busy workloads.
Previously DRS was only available for virtual servers, preventing a physical virtualization host from becoming too busy by balancing out heavily utilized virtual machines across to quieter nodes.

Now, VMware have implemented this great feature for storage too.
For example, if there are several busy servers with heavy disk I/O on a particular storage LUN or datastore, vSphere will take corrective action to migrate those busy virtual disks onto a quieter datastore.

This effectively ensures that our customers’ disk I/O performance is protected. I/O bottlenecks on our cloud are prevented and mitigated by ensuring that I/O on the platform is evenly spread at all times.

Stay tuned for an exciting new cloud product launch in early December!