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Zurich Cloud Server platform & network upgrade

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Qube recently completed a full upgrade to our VMware cloud platform hosted in our Zurich data center.

The upgrade provides us with significantly increased compute, storage & RAM capacity in Europe on our VMware Cloud Server platform to deal with increasing demand. There has been a lot of interest in hosting at this site, especially from our customers in the Financial industry.

Switzerland offers several advantages as a location for hosting, particularly for those companies serving customers in Central & Eastern Europe. Central European location, strong privacy & data protection laws, political and financial stability and the highest per-capita IT expenditure in the world are all factors that make the country an attractive place to do business and invest.

As well as the upgrades to Qube’s VMware Cloud platform, we completed our connection to the Level(3) Communications IP Transit point-of-presence in Zurich. We are now using Level(3) as a primary transit provider across all of our data center locations. This also means that Qube can now offer high quality, low-latency Level(3) IP transit to our customers in Zurich.

New version of the Qube website launched

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Qube launched a new version of our website today:

Click here to see the new Qube website.

The new site is lighter and brighter and really focuses attention on our VMware Cloud Server based hosting products and services portfolio.

As well as showcasing our VMware Cloud products, we have tailored the site into 3 versions which are aimed at the different regions we operate in. Each country now has it’s own micro-site and will allow us to tailor offers and content to each region. Using anycast, visitors should be directed to the server and into country site closest to them.

We have added several new sections to the site, including an updated “Contact Us” section with updated locations.

Additionally there is a new “Careers” section to aid in our search for several new positions that have opened at Qube recently. Qube is a growing business and we are on the look out for smart, energetic people to help us achieve this growth. Please click here for to see a list of the open positions.